Brown signs Pan legislation

  ·  Bryan M. Gold, The Galt Herald   ·   Link to Article

AB 2130 repeals part of ‘glove law’

California Gov. Jerry Brown on June 28 announced that he signed a bill repealing part of the “glove law” that was set to begin July 1.

The “glove law” was enacted on Jan. 1 and started on July 1. The law prohibits bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food without approval from local health departments.

State Assembly Member Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), whose district includes Galt and Acampo, authored AB 2130 that would repeal the Retail Food Code section prohibiting bare hand contact with food and replace it with the law as it existed last year.

Pan, a pediatrician and chair of the Assembly Health Committee, said recently that he supports the health and safety aspects of the law. But he said he was against that one section, which would have required people to change gloves every time they started to do something new in the kitchen.

That could have resulted in each employee going through dozens of gloves per shift.

“It’s not about whether there are gloves or not, it should be about whether the local business and the health inspector have worked together to create a safe environment for the customer,” Pan said when he introduced his legislation.

Pan’s bill permits some bare hand contact and stipulates that preparers must “minimize bare hand and arm contact.” The chef or bartender must wash hands in accordance with current state health regulations.

The Assembly passed AB 2130 in early May and the State Senate on June 26.