Election ’14: Detrick, Hume back Pan for Senate

  ·  Bryan M. Gold, Elk Grove Citizen   ·   Link to Article

Candidate also gains sheriff's support

Two Elk Grove City Council members and Sacramento County’s top two law enforcement leaders endorsed State Assembly Member Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) in his State Senate race against Assembly Member Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento).

Council Members Steve Detrick said he endorsed Pan, whose 9th Assembly District includes Elk Grove, because of his work ethic.

“I’ve had the opportunity to build a relationship with him, a chance to partner with him on issues that are important to Elk Grove,” Detrick said. “He communicates with us, and he and his staff are responsive to the needs of Elk Grove residents.”

Pan said Council Member Pat Hume also endorsed the candidate. Hume couldn’t be reached for comment at press time.

Vice Mayor Jim Cooper, who is seeking to succeed Pan in the Assembly, previously endorsed Pan.

Mayor Gary Davis said early this year that he would endorse the candidate who brings the most jobs to Elk Grove but said recently that “neither has done enough” to receive an endorsement.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones and District Attorney Jan Scully on Sept. 30 cited Pan’s public safety advocacy as rationale for endorsing Pan.

“He was always supportive of public safety interests,” Jones said outside the patrol station in south Sacramento. “He is a true advocate and supporter of public safety.”

Jones said Pan was “instrumental” in creating databases for metal theft and to track stolen property at pawnshops.

Scully said Pan opposed legislation that would weaken laws for registered sex offenders and supported legislation that would improve how elder abuse is investigated and handled.

“We need to have that same advocacy in the Senate,” she said.

Both elected county officials chose Pan over Dickinson, who spent 16 years on the county board of supervisors before he and Pan entered the state Legislature in 2010.

“I’ve known Dr. Pan’s opponent far longer than I’ve known Dr. Pan,” Jones said. “But in the four short years that I’ve known Dr. Pan, I was first intrigued by some things he was saying about public safety and his support for it during the campaign but recognizing that was a campaign.”

He added, “But then I had the pleasure of seeing those words into action. I’ve been very impressed by Dr. Pan’s willingness to become part of the public safety discussion.”

Scully said Pan’s work in public safety made him stand out from his opponent.

“For me, it’s all about public safety and what is in the best interest of the community from the public safety standpoint, and I believe Dr. Pan is a strong public safety advocate,” she said.

Pan said he appreciated both Jones and Scully endorsing him instead of one of their former co-workers.

“They know him and they know me. They know both of us,” Pan said of he and Dickinson. “They are expressing their confidence in me. They know I’m the best one to keep people safe in the community.”