Governor signs continuity-of-care bill

  ·  Kathy Robertson, Sacramento Business Journal   ·   Link to Article

Legislation that ensures continuity of care for patients forced to change health insurance plans in the middle of treatment for serious conditions -- even if their provider is not in their new health plan's network -- has been signed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Assembly Bill 369 by Dr. Richard Pan from Sacramento seeks to  protect California residents with ongoing health conditions who bought insurance that was cancelled due to stricter rules under federal health reform. 

The bill has an urgency clause, so it took effect March 20, the day the bill was signed. The cancellations affect about 900,000 individuals in California.

“People who are injured or sick should not be denied their current treatment,” Pan said in a news release.

While most people with cancelled plans changed to new plans without problems, the bill helps resolve issue for those in the middle of treatment who changed provider networks, said Anthony Wright, executive director at Health Access.