Dr. Pan helped Greenhaven residents ‘script (their) future’

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Local residents joined Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) at the Asian Community Center (ACC) Greenhaven Terrace recently to hear from the representatives of the growing Script Your Future campaign about the importance of taking medications as directed.

“Action is the foundation for optimal health, and the Script Your Future campaign empowers communities to proactively manage their health through education,” said Dr. Pan, who chairs the California State Assembly Health Committee. “By making sure our communities are informed about the risks and responsibilities of prescription medications, we can help people live fuller, healthier lives.”

With a focus on knowledge and empowerment, the audience was presented with tools to improve overall health. Dr. Pan and representatives of Script Your Future unveiled for the first time medication log wallet cards translated in Vietnamese and Chinese. The wallet cards provide an easily transportable way for people to record when they take their prescriptions.

“Today’s workshop and health screenings provide an opportunity for you to take control of your health by becoming more informed about the medications you take, and making a commitment to take medication as directed, not only for the sake of your own health, but also so you can be there for those that you love,” said ACC CEO Donna Yee, “When you talk with your doctor and your pharmacist about your medicines you create a prescription for better health!”

Community members were also able to discuss their individual medication, vitamin and supplement schedules with Rite Aid Pharmacist Noora Ahram, while registered dietitian Katie Renner, RD provided a healthy food demonstration along with a basic food and medication interaction education.